Travel cancellation insurance

A travel cancellation insurance is usually not included in the rental agreement or the rental price of the holiday accommodation. If you want to avoid that you have to bear travel cancellation costs in case of a cancellation (for example because you cannot go on holidays due to a serious illness, pregnancy or a fire at home in your accommodation), you can book a travel cancellation insurance online after booking your holiday accommodation in Corfu.

There are various travel cancellation insurance offers from a variety of insurance companies on the market. You can also either book a travel cancellation insurance just for the holiday accommodation you have booked in Corfu or for the entire holidays (e.g. including the flight or ferry tickets). Below we listed some insurance companies (sorted alphabetically by country name) that offer travel cancellation insurances. By clicking on the respective link, you will be taken to the travel cancellation insurance offer of the corresponding insurance, where you can book the travel cancellation insurance online.


The above list of travel cancellation insurance companies does not claim to be complete and does not constitute a consultation offer or a recommendation from AG. GEORGIOS VILLAS SINGLE MEMBER P.C. (ΑΓ.ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ ΒΙΛΕΣ ΜΟΝΟΠΡΟΣΩΠΗ ΙΚΕ). In addition to the travel cancellation insurance providers listed on this page, many other companies offer travel cancellation insurances.